Mays Plus is an agency of friendly and dedicated professional individuals providing a broad range of home and community health services to persons of all ages. Our services include:

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Mays Plus is a State Licensed Agency


Mays Plus is independently owned and operated by Oklahomans, and is part of the Mays HomeCare network. Clients receiving care from one or more of our agencies benefit by having all of our resources centralized to provide the best possible care.  For more information about how to obtain a particular service to meet your needs, contact Mays Plus at 1-888-798-6888, or by email:

Toni Ashley, RN, Clinical Administrator:

Beth Witt, RN, Director of Clinical Services:


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Personal Care Aide
Whatever your personal care needs are—from shaving and hair care to back rubs and bathing—our personal services are uniquely created to meet your individual needs. Two hour minimum.

Personal Care

Homemaking services may include shopping, running errands, personalized laundry and housekeeping. We can tidy up your apartment, wash your dishes, do your personal laundry, change your bed linens and do your pressing or ironing.

As part of our private pay services, and if you need a companion, we can read to you, visit with you, write personal letters, water your plants, etc. There is a two hour minimum for this service

Are you tired of cleaning your own home? Do you never have enough time to prepare for those last minute guests? If so, give us a call. We can clean your home for you so you can free up your personal time for more important things like spending quality time with your family.

Advanced Restorative Aide
Provides assistance for a certified aide to the Medicaid ADvantage consumer in areas of personal care and technical assistance such as bowel stimulation, catheter care, and transfers by a hoyer lift.

ADvantage Aide
Provides a non-certified or certified aide for the Medicaid ADvantage consumer in the areas of personal care and homemaking services. Case Management

ADvantage Case Management
Provides assistance for consumers from a certified case manager in gaining access to needed waiver and other State plan services, as well as, needed medical, social, educational and other services, regardless of the funding source for the services to which access is gained.

ADvantage Skilled Nursing
Provides setup and management of medical needs and medications.



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Last Updated: 7-7-2011